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A message from the Chair

Welcome to the British Business Group in Nigeria.  We are proud to be the most effective business networking and support group in the country with a membership of more than 300 individuals. All UK passport holders are encouraged to join and will be made most welcome to the group. We meet once per month for a meeting which includes a briefing by the British Deputy High Commission, a main talk on a subject of interest and up to three Member Introductory Talks (MITs) where members can showcase their own companies. We are pleased to remain a group with free membership and only charge for the cost of refreshments at meetings where sponsorship does not cover this.  Please visit our Apply for Membership page and enter your relevant contact details and UK passport to commence the registration process.

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The British Business Group of Nigeria wish all our members, guests, visitors and business networks across the globe a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2021.

bbg social media helps in understanding air travel changes

The majority of the year 2020 can be coined most easily by the now common phrase “unprecedented times”. Never before in our lifetimes (at least I believe none of our members were alive in 1918, during the time of the Spanish flu) have we been party to a global pandemic such as that of Covid-19.

The economy was greatly shaken, global trade became greatly disrupted and for what was significant to practically each and every member of our networking community, transport around the world ceased. Never before has the WhatsApp group of the BBG Aviation and Travel network been so prolific and frequently supplemented with information, live feeds and changeable updates.

The group’s population is diverse, with an offshoot being created for those who were unexpectedly caught within Nigeria and unable to depart. There was a spread of members that had been evacuated by their own means, or by that of their companies, and there were those members who were in the no man’s land of British passport holders yet not applicable for the British evacuation flights.

For many of the members, the group’s functionality and significance grew exponentially over the course of the lockdown months, both in the UK and in Nigeria. Though the posts were not all positive, nevertheless they were all relevant and highly useful during such uncertain times. Information was garnered from major airlines, questions/opinions/voices were heard and raised for those in need, and an immense amount of support was offered amongst the members. Links to pre-travel testing centres were reviewed, suggestions were shared, a plethora of advice was given, and all in all, a deeply strengthened community has grown.

There have been times when many people around the world have felt helpless, stranded (emotionally as well as physically), and entirely perplexed by the situations facing them. Within the context of this group, uncovering how one could navigate the pathway back onto an aviation course has been paramount. As a group, we have been united. No question has been too small, no suggestion unwarranted. And I believe it is 100% true to say that as a source, the BBG Aviation and Travel group has been one that many of it’s members could not have succeeded in their travels during this time, without.

Examples of difficulty have included the highly variant protocols for the return to Nigeria from the government, airport and NCDC. Whereas the criteria initially included a pre-travel covid-19 test to be done within 2 weeks before flying yet no sooner than 5 days before, this changed seemingly overnight, becoming a time bracket of 96 hours but ideally 72 hours before flying. The flurry of messages amongst members once again took speed, as people frantically realigned their plans for postal test centres, drive-in centres and so on. Only to find that some days later, the protocol changed once again, increasing to 120 hours pre-flight (to support those travellers who were struggling to get the results in time). Without the group, many of us would have floundered and felt isolated (pun intended) unnecessarily. It has served as an excellent example of the power of networks and contacts, and bonds between friends, businesses and associates have become strengthened, as communication channels have been enabled in this way.

BBG Assists Stranded British Travelers

When the Nigerian international airports were closed in March, there were an estimated 600 UK passport holders on business trips and vacation trips who became stranded in Nigeria.  The British Business Group were pleased to reach out to these individuals and a new WhatsApp group was created to help keep them informed and included in the ongoing UK Government efforts to repatriate them.

what our members say

BBG has provided over the years a source of extremely valuable information regarding all issues relevant to business and personal life in Nigeria. In times of crisis, it provides a focal point for information sharing, general guidance and is a reliable source of up to date data
In our business, BBG has enabled new contacts to be made, sources of supply to be found and a way of keeping up to date with Nigerian rules and regulations

The regular meetings are a way of meeting fellow British people here in Nigeria and to be able to exchange information


I have been a member for over 30 years from the days the British Business Group was known as the British Businessmans Meeting, then held at the High Commission on Walter Carrington Crescent, then known as Eleke Crescent.
There was an exchange of information between the High Commission and Businesses: assisting businesses with a deeper insight into the political workings of the Nigerian Government and assisting the understanding of the High Commission on the problems of  $B!H (Bdoing business in Nigeria $B!I (B, which, in turn, informed the powers that be in London and, possibly, shaped future interaction between the two governments.
This aspect is still present in the new British Business Group, although not linked quite so tightly, the High Commission still presents information to the independent BBG and vice-versa.  I believe the links with the High Commission are an essential part of the BBG and its aim to further the interests of British Business in Nigeria for the good of those businesses and Nigerian Society as a whole.
Beside this core reason, networking between companies, represented by the top people of each company as members of the BBG, is a large part of the continuity of the Group.  Which, in turn, provides friendship, ever closer liaison, thereby generating further business prospects, along with generating wealth and prosperity for all participants and the whole of the society in which we all work.
This friendship and every closer liaison has lead, in more recent times, to a number of memorable social events outside the formal business/networking setting of the monthly Group Meetings.


Quick – fire exchange of information with the experts about what’s important to me as a British business man navigating the Nigerian business landscape


I came across Stanley Evans at an event hosted by the then BDHC in Lagos, in early 2017. Only afterwards was I inducted into the BBG. This was indeed a changing point of my stay in Lagos. The days that followed, the first Thursday evenings, every month, the banter and the commercial discussions, the specialist speakers, the many faces of British businessmen in Nigeria, the BBG  showed me all!

Bringing together more than 300 people in distant lands where hard working Brits are creating economic impact by their sheer grit and perseverance, and spreading good cheer with locals and their families, the BBG brought in a new meaning to being an expat.

Anything, be it business or social, that needs clarification, BBG is the only place that comes to my mind today. More importantly, I have, on the way made friends at BBG, who will remain friends forever.



The BBG has proved itself to be a vibrant platform and community that connects people and helps further business in the region. 


I had always wanted to meet members of the British community in Nigeria. BBG provided an opportunity for networking, as well as being an information portal for latest news on both UK and Nigeria business. It has certainly brought me closer to the community


Although I have not had the opportunity to meet the members of the British Business Group and have not had the chance to attend any of the activities or events, I have enjoyed the debate within the Whatsapp group. I have also benefited from the advise of members. I have just joined the group and was planning to visit Nigeria to enable me attend a couple of the events when the Covid-19 crisis started.
However, there was a time that I needed advise about where to invest money and got very encouraging feedback from the members. This was very beneficial as I passed the message down to a couple of the members of my organisation, the Nigerian Diaspora Direct Investment Summit.


The BBG group is a good way to make contacts in different sectors in Nigeria, you are also likely to be speaking to the decision makers which gives the group more credibility.


A great provider of in-country business and personal related current information and news, with a refreshingly light and amusing social side. With a leadership that provides advice and support when needed.


A special moment, standing in the dappled sunlight on the golden sands of Lufasi Nature Park, reciting “A Plea” with Desmond Majekodunmi and Stanley Evans in a grove among the palms and Coconut trees…
It was at the Launch of “The Dawn Project” poetry competition. The Dawn Project is dedicated to addressing the consequences of climate change through artistic expression. Started as a collaboration between Nigerians and some members of the BBG, the project is aimed at raising greater awareness, advocacy and education amongst citizens on the importance of environmental consciousness. 


BBG is a great family with ample opportunity for business and social networking. I always look forward to our meetings. I find all the meetings quite useful and informative.


The British Business Group is a vibrant and energetic group of like minded individuals. The communication channels such as WhatsApp and physical/online meetings allow members to connect at the highest level in Nigeria. There have been numerous times where I have needed a contact of a senior employee or government representative and BBG members have delivered every time with no questions asked. 


The BBG is a great place to meet fellow Brits in Lagos.  I was looking to expand my network in Nigeria and the BBG massively expanded my circle considerably, as well as providing critical feedback on the pulse of business in Nigeria, regular security updates, networking contacts and even business opportunities.  The BBG provided me with trusted sources for training and material suppliers and even new customers.  There is also the added benefit of building genuine friendships with people who are living similar experiences as I do, in what is not an easy environment to do business in.  Being able to meet, discuss, and let’s be honest, occasionally moan about a particular experience or challenge can be very cathartic.  This sense of camaraderie and being able to celebrate our British sense of humour is one of the elements which enables me to function here in Lagos without a big family support group around me as my family are UK based.

The Committee work tirelessly to bring interesting speakers to address the Group, including local luminaries as well as the all-important regular attendance by representatives of HMG in Nigeria, in the form of the BDHC team in Lagos or BHC in Abuja, the Department of International Trade, DFID plus visiting British dignitaries and even Royal visits!  There is a business focused side to the Group, as well as a less formal social side, we have had Summer BBQs and Christmas dinners to mention but a few. 

The BBG is a welcoming, diverse Group representing a number of industrial sectors, banking, teaching as well as NGOs.  I can strongly recommend the BBG to any Brits new to Lagos, as a place to meet some friendly faces, to get advice, customers, business opportunities, or simply a place to meet some new friends if you prefer.


There is a great spirit among the BBG and members. The numerous WhatsApp groups are very lively and I like to regularly participate. Some discussions are advisory on Nigerian business or commercial matters, some are discussions of particular technical issues, such as oil and gas, power, health, transport or other. Others are more fun and outlets to let off steam, such as the Brexit chat group (sadly gone a bit quiet now that “Brexit is done”).

The BBG and members have also provided considerable support to members. I know this from personal experience on several occasions. There is a considerable community spirit, the BBG is like a supportive family.